Salem Rotary Club
             Salem, NY

Salem Rotary Upcoming and Recent Events

Salem Rotary Upcoming Events

*Friday Dec 1 - Fuel Fund Dinner At The White Church.
*Wednesday Nov 29 - Rotary Board Of Directors Meeting At The Courthouser.
*Monday Nov 27 - Rotary Meeting At The Courthouse A'l OfficeProudfit Hall - 6:15PM.
*Monday Nov 20 - Rotary Morning Meeting At The Methodist Church - 7:30AM.

Salem Rotary Recent Events

Saturday November 18 - Rotary Barn Sale At The Salem Courthouse.
The leftover auction sale items were presented to the public on Saturday morning. Several people from the Courthouse sale came by and selected items in the barn. donations were made for the items they selected. The photograph below shows the people viewing the items on display.

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