Salem Rotary Club
             Salem, NY

Salem Rotary Upcoming and Recent Events

Salem Rotary Upcoming Events

*Thursday Sept 28 - Roadside Cleanup.
*Tuesday Oct 24 - Blood Drive At The White Church.
* Monday Oct 23 - Meet The Candidates At The Courthouse - 7-8PM.
* Wednesday Oct - 8 - Salem Rotary Auction At The Courthouse Barn.

Salem Rotary Recent Events

Monday October 9 - Rotary Meeting At The Courthouse.

After the meeting dinner and general club upcoming events were reviewed, Gracie Lynn Besse the daughter of Debbie Earthrowl made a presentation to the Rotarians.The title of her presentation was Columbia: Working with CEPALC the Latin American Center for Inclusive Communications. She described what they are doing as well as her role in working with them from september 2015 to June 2017.
Gracie was hooked up to the new 55 inch flat panel TV to make her presentation.

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