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Salem Rotary Special Events

June 2 2016 - Herb Perkins Proposal for a New Rotary Sponsored Event.

Herb suggested that a Dog Activity Day sponsored by the Rotary Club would be beneficial to the Rotary. The event would provide activities and pet events for dogs with pet adoptoions as part of the event. Possible locations for the event would be the Salem Courthouse or Salem Art Works. The best date for the event would be the second half of September. The members considered the event acceptable and several members will get together to work on the event.

March 31 2016 - Francesca Brunello- Rotary Exchange Student from Argentina.

Francesca began her presentation to the Rotary by submitting a page of 16 questions about how much they knew about Argentina. She then answered the questions concerning the country the people and everyday activities. She then went on to give more detail about the geography and conditions in the region.

March 24 2016 - Carol Lewis Owner/Director and George Flint Business Manager of The Salem Farm Supply

Carol Lewis spoke about her position as Owner and Business Director of the Salem Farm Supply in Salem. Her father purchased and started the business in 1953 and continued until very recently when he passed away. Carol who received her college education at the time took over the operation of the Farm Supply as Owner and Business Director.
George Flint the Business Manager has been in the farm supply business for 44 years spoke about the historical development of the business concerning the equipment development and business activity.

March 3 2016 -Barbara and Bob Palulis handcrafted soaps, creams and gifts.

Barbara and Bob Palulis Presented their handcrafted soaps, creams and gifts business to Salem Village in the former Pharmacy on Main St. They also presented a variety of personal items such as hand made baskets, gift baskets and hot packs. Barbara and Bob have been creating handcrafteds salves, creams and sprays for healing purposes for the last 9 years at their home just north of the village on Route 22. In a few weeks, they will move their

February 4 2016- Beth and Ray Duquette presentaton.

Beth Duquette spoke to the Rotary about her search and selection in downtown Salem to establish a food dispensary providing local food consisting of beef, fresh eggs and cheese. She said that it takes 3 to 5 years to establish a good business. Beth and Ray's farm residence is located in West Pawlette.

January 14- 2016 - Mari Barbosa Ceglowski Catholic Relief Services

Mari Barbosa Ceglowski spoke about her work in Jordan and Lebanon for Catholic Relief Services. She went there recently to witness the work that CRS and their local partners are doing and to survey the relief conditions and funding that were necessary for Syrian refugees.

October 15 2015 - District Governor's Visit To Our Club

District Governor Milan Jackson addressed the Rotary and presented five ways that local Rotaries can improve their membership and activities. A principal point in his presentation was an emphasis on an an increase in each club's membership this year by at least one new member.

August 13 2015 - Exchange Student Presentation

Jill Brooks from West Poultney Vermont spoke to the Rotary about her year as an cxhange student in Belgium. She learned to speak french and attended a private catholic high school as a senior. She resided with three host families during her tour and visited various parts of Belgium and several european countries.

March 17 2015 -Dawn Parker - Salem High School Chemistry Teacher and Athletic Directory.

Dawn Parker spoke about her activity at Salem High School as an Athletic Director. She desribed boys and girls athletic participation in varsity sports and the administrative involvement in establishing schedules and events.

January 7 2015 - Salem Rotary Christmas Party -

Club members were permitted to bring one guest and their own wine or beer and a wrapped Christmas gift for a gift swap. Dinner was provided by the Bunker Hill Inn and entertainment by Debbie Craig on the harp accompanied by local singer Rebecca Rogers.

February 6 2015 - Trivia Night Competetion

The team of Pat Baltz, Cindy Rogers, Val Sheldon, Tom Rogers, John Hickland, and Charlie Perry garnered first place in the Granville trivia night competition. With 24 other six man teams, the questions and competition was challenging but for the second time in four years our rotary club dominated. After engraving the trophies will be presented at a regular club meeting.

Tuesday, October 28 2014. - American Red Cross Blood Drive

The blood drive was presented at the First United Presbyterian Church in Salem on Tuesday, October 28th from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Blood donation procedures generall took about 1 hour. Everyones blood pressure and temperature was taken as a precaution and then the donation was made. Rotary members registered the donors as they came in and provided a drink and snack during their rest prior to leaving.

Thursday October 9 2014. - American Red Cross Acting Manager Jill Ballou was presented to the Rotary by her sponsor Kat Christiansen

Manager Jill Ballou.

Thurs July 10 2014- The Washington County Band held its concert at the Georgie Museum grounds

Rotary members served ice cream provided by the Salem Rotary club to concert attendees.

Roadside Cleanup

A roadside cleanup was conducted by Rotary members on Thursday, May 8. The cleanup stretch extended south of the Parking Area below the Village of Salem along a section of Route 22.

March 2014 - Tony Padgett and business partners in China

Tony Padgett gave a talk at the Rotary meeting on March 20 about his recent trip to China. He was there with his business partners to review vegetable breeding trials on their research farms in China. Tony is CEO and founder of VoloAgri Group, Inc., a vegetable seed R&D company based in California and the Netherlands.
VoloAgri Group, Inc., invests in the global vegetable seed industry. Their focus is on world class plant breeding and plant genetics, including all major species of vegetables. They apply the latest hybrid breeding techniques to improve agricultural results and foster sustainable agricultural practices. He has asked his R&D team to supply some tomato seed samples to Salem Rotary members in hopes that VoloAgri's new varieties can stand up to the local NY tomato blight problem.

March 27 2014 - Our Rotary International Dinner at the White Church.

The Salem Rotary Club International Dinner took place at the First Presbyterian Church in Salem. The dinner is a fundraiser to support the Rotary's Student Foreign Exchange Program. The dinner featured recipes from around the world with take outs also available. This dinner raised $1203 and marks the 45 th year of the Rotary Foreign Exchange Program. This year, salem student Anthony VanDyk is in Ecuador,and his counterpart, Valentina Saldivia is visiting here from Chile. The Salem community has helped with hosting, providing food and other support. The Salem Rotary provides a monetary allowance for each student who comes to Salem and also provides them with local transportation and fees involved with special events during the year

January 15, 2014 - Rotary Blood Drive was held at the First Presbyterian Church in Salem.

At 5:30 PM 24 people scheduled and 8 walk ins gave blood with 5 more scheduled before closing.

December 5, 2013 - Debbie Eartherowl reported on the progress and activities of the Salem United Methodist Church's fuel fund program.

Debbie presented some of the recent activities of the fuel fund and how local businesses are helpful in delivering and providing services. She also spoke about the upcoming Christmas Concert at the Salem Prespyterian Church on December 15 at 7 pm. The proceeds will go to the fuel fund.

November 14, 2013 - Our Speaker was Teresa DePaul.

Teresa DePaul is a Paralegal/Nutrition Outreach Coordinator for the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York, Inc. She talked with us about her work in making sure that families that meet the requirements for Food Stamps (now called SNAP) and/or the HEAP program (Home Energy Assistance Program) get the help they need. She said that benefits in both these programs would be less this year and that local groups, such as Rotary are helping to fill in the gap.

June 20 2013 - Exchange Student/Family Dinner - Picnic at Charlie Perry"s.

Exchange picnic celebrating with past years exchange students and host families as well as outgoing students Social Activity.

May 30 2013 - The Rotary awards ceremony was initiated for the recognition of "Citizen of the Year".

This award recognizes a member of the greater Salem area that is not a Rotarian who acts in Rotary's ideal of "Service above Self". The 2013 recipient of the "Citizen of the Year" award is Elaine Gibb.

April 6, 2013 - The annual April Fool's Day race took place on Saturday at Salem Central School on East Broadway.
The race is co-sponsored by the Salem Rotary Club and the High School Literary Magazine "The Mind's Eye". For more information about race results go to the race web site at
Pat Phillips and Dottie Schneider Providing Race Registration Information

March 28 2013 - Rotary Meeting Feature - Exchange Student Program

Antoine (Tony) Fauville, 19 years old, is our exchange student from Thuin, Belgium. He is shown here with fellow exchange student, Rachel Lajara. He is currently staying with Kelly and Mike Buckowski in the village (previously with Jim & Kim Gariepy and later with Tony & Lisa Padgett).
Tony presented a program for our Rotary club telling us about his country. He presented photographs of its scenic features and points of interest and described its political organization and structure. He explained how Belgium is divided into three French, German and Dutch regions each with related political and governing organizations
Tony graduated from high school in Belgium so that his studies in Salem were post graduate. This prevented him from participating in sports against other schools, but he was active in training and intermural events.

March 14 2013 - Courthouse "The Miracle of Food Production" Lecture

The 2013 history lecture series continued at the Salem Courthouse Community Center with an enlightening talk provided by Dick McGuire on Thursday, March 14. Mr. McGuire is the former Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets for New York and a recipient of the American Farm Bureau Distinguished Service Award. With his vast knowledge and experience in the field of agriculture, his topic, "The Miracle of Food Production, was most informative. Mr. McGuire is also the owner of Penope Farm in Cambridge. A life-long collector of artifacts and memorabelia, his farm offers nine museums containing a vast collection of 19th and 20th century domestic and agricultural antiques depicting early American rural life. A generous selection of these antiques is currently on display in the Great Hall of the Courthouse Community Center and will be available for viewing during the month of March. Two views of the display are shown below.

March 7 2013 - Courthouse Susan B. Anthony Lecture

The first speaker in the Salem Courthouse Community Center March lecture series, Debbie Craig, is shown talking about Susan B. Anthony who lived in Battenville in the early part of her life. Craig's talk told about the Anthony house, other historical facts about East Greenwich, and Susan B. Anthony's drive for a woman's right to vote and her demands to abolish slavery. Although she died in 1906, her early work was influential in helping to bring about the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and the right to vote law in 1919. Educator Debi Craig, who also has been an integral part of the NorthStar Historical Project, offered a fascinating talk about Susan B. Anthony. Anthony was born in Adams, MA in 1820. In 1826, her family moved to the familiar home on Route 29 in Battenville where they resided until 1837. During the Depression of 1837, her parents were forced to declare bankruptcy, and the house was lost. Anthony played a pivotal role in the 19th century struggle for women's rights. Among her many notable accomplishments, she was an abolitionist, educational reformer, labor activist, temperance worker, suffragist, and women's rights campaigner. Ms. Craig provided insight into the life of this remarkable reformer whose dedicated life paved the way for many of the rights women enjoy today.

February 28 2013 Rotary Meeting Visitors

Rotary District 7190 Officials visit
"On February 28, 2013 four Rotary District 7190 officials visited the Salem Rotary Club to make a grants presentation of $588 to help pay for the Salem senior citizen transportation van (SAVE) insurance. Pictured from left to right are Dan Stec, District Foundation Chair; Melissa Ward, District Governor; John Hickland, Salem Rotary Cub President; Lincoln Cathers, Assistant District Governor; and Bill Corbett, District Grants Chair. The Salem Rotary Club has funded the motor vehicle insurance for the senior van for the last four years. The van is used take Salem people without transportation grocery shopping twice a week. Ken White is the driver and schedule director and can be reached at 854-7497."

Rotary District 7190 Officials visit

"District 7190 District Governor, Melissa Ward, is shown presenting Salem Rotary Club President, John Hickland, with a $588 district grant check on February 28, 2013 to help pay for the motor vehicle insurance on the SAVE van for senior citizens."

The Salem Rotary Club donated $500 to help finance the reconstruction of the stone wall at the Revolutionary War Cemetery in Salem.

Rotarian Al Cormier, dressed as General John Williams, speaks to elementary students about the Revolutionary War and those buried in the Revolutionary War Cemetery in Salem.

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