Salem Rotary Club
             Salem, NY

Rotary Club Activities

Salem Rotary Club Youth Exchange Program

In 1969 we became active participants in the Youth Exchange Program. Over the last 40 years, we have sent and received over 70 students to and from countries such as Japan, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Belgium, France, South Africa, and the Czech Republic. These students and their host families have a wonderful opportunity to create friendships and have experiences that will benefit their communities at home and abroad.

Ongoing Activities

        Sponsor a student foreign exchange program

        Sponsor the April's Fool's Race

        Hold an international food dinner

        Award a graduation scholarship

        Sponsor the American Red Cross blood drive

        Hold a graduating class dinner

        Honor three citizens of the year annually

        Rotary International DinnerAt White Church Supporting Rotary Foreign Exchange Program

        Help stamp out polio

        Annual household donations to Rotary auctioned at Courthouse Barn

        Support the "Keep Our Highways Clean" project

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